My name is Aidan. I am an Interior Designer in New York. I draw for a living as well as people’s living.

I am an aggressive learner who has traveled from country to country. The value I place on diversity permeates my experiences and artistic pursuits alike which both span multiple cities including Seoul, Savannah, Copenhagen, and New York. My eclectic travels abroad have uniquely equipped with a far-reaching sensibility for visualization skills beyond Interior design and Architecture.

This is not a temporary website to build up my portfolio. In my blog, I try to keep things light and share a thing or two about what I learn about the world.  I am here to enjoy sharing my creative growth with trial and error. Beyond what I do at work, I desire to overcome formal boundaries to express my artistic views and societal criticisms. I am hoping to grow my knowledge and creativity without limits, always with the first desire to be able to create for those who enjoy and value my artistry. That’s why I blog.